Meteor Review

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After a collision with a comet, a nearly 8km wide piece of the asteroid is heading towards Earth. If it hits, it will probably extinguish mankind. Their only chance to save the world is to join forces with the USSR who have launched an illegal satellite capable of destroying the meteor. But will both governments agree?


If you're ever asked just how bad the disaster movie could get, this is the answer. Sean Connery is the astrophysicist battling with dumb politicos in order to launch nukes at a big lump of widescreen friendly rock hurtling towards Earth.

The plot is dull, director Ronald Neame has no idea how to end it and the special effects consist of stock footage of buildings being demolished screened through a red filter. The 'stellar cast', with Connery, Fonda and Landau all phoning in dreadful performances, like the Earth, it never really stood a chance

Utterly amateur and considering the comet-capers we've had since (Deep Impact & Armageddon) it doesn't look like we'll ever get a half-decent one.

Poor script, poor direction and poor performances mean a dismal 70's disaster movie is the result.