The Messengers Review

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With the arrival of an unexplained darkness over a normally sunny North Dakota farm, the Solomon family begins to crumble and implode with suspicion and murder.


After a harsh accident drives them from the city, Dylan McDermott's family head for North Dakota and an idyllic life on a sunflower farm. Happily, the dream house turns into a furniture-shuddering nightmare when teen daughter Jess (Kristen Stewart) and her gormless baby brother are molested by crows and start seeing dead people crawling up the ceiling...

Directed with faceless proficiency by Hong Kong upstarts Oxide and Danny Pang, this slowburn chiller cribs from so many sources — Amityville, The Sixth Sense, countless J-horrors — that its creaky doors, murky basements, behind-you ghosts and bad plumbing sound FX thud with a zero-fear factor.

It's like a movie premonition — you've seen it all before — and, while the Pangs can compose a frosty, stylised visual, this is harmless, gutless stuff.