Mee-Shee The Water Giant Review

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Underwater beastie befriends lonely young lad in this low-key family movie


In this gentle tale of boy befriends creature, the legend of the Loch Ness monster is transposed to the lakes of the Canadian outback.

Sent to find lost drilling equipment, oil company employee Sean Cambell (Bruce Greenwood) and his young son Mac (Daniel Madger) hit the water. What follows is a formulaic family movie involving money-grabbing bad guys and an aquatic beast - part dolphin, part dinosaur, part OAP - saving the day.

Shot in New Zealand, the scenery is pretty and the cast adequate, but the shoddy effects and plethora of superior movies aimed at kid audiences will drown out Mee Shee’s roars.

It's adequate enough but lacks enough bite to take on the summer's big hitters.