Masters of the Universe Review

Image for Masters of the Universe

He-Man (Lundgren) spends his time defending the planet Eternia from the evil Skeletor (Langella). The feuding neighbours bring their battle to earth, where a couple of teenagers hold the key (literally) to world (both Eternia and Earth) domination.


He-Man and Skeletor come to Earth for their final battle and prove singularly unable to stage a decent slug-it-out in a guitar shop, a school hall or a scrap yard, let alone convince us that either of them could master the universe. A five year-old, armed with a DoP and the action figures that inspired the film, might choreograph something more exciting.

Dolph Lundgren looks as buff and as plastic as the action figure and Skeletor’s features are admirable gaunt, but, aside from obsessive nippers, this film, which borrows from but fails to add to the sci-fi spectacles of recent years, will struggle to find an audience.

The first film to be based on a line of toys, this might not be the last, but it'd take something awful to replace it as the worst.