Mary And Max Review

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An animated tale about an a young girl from Melbourne and a middle-aged man from New York, who become long-term penpals.


Rooted in the fact and by turns touching, bleak and droll, Adam Elliot’s feature debut may lack the precision of his Oscar-winning short, Harvie Krumpet, but this grown-up exercise in clayography is bound for cult status. Based on two pen-pals — an eight-year-old Melbourne misfit and a 44 year-old Manhattan outcast — it has its rocky moments. But Barry Humphries’ acerbic narration and Bethany Whitmore and Philip Seymour Hoffman’s voice-work complement the grimly witty details in the offbeat text and expertly created brown-grey visuals. Tackling such un-animation topics as loneliness, body image, alcoholism, suicide and Asperger’s syndrome, it’s quirky, compassionate and slightly seedily sweet.

An offbeat and charming animation that is destined to become a cult classic.