Man UTD: Beyond The Promised Land Review

Image for Man UTD: Beyond The Promised Land

A behind the scenes look at Manchester United FC during the 99/00 season.


Beyond The Promised Land is stamped with United's 'Official Movie' merchandising brand, which is certainly helpful in distinguishing it from all the other feature-length football documentaries doing the rounds at the minute.

Although it contains a few funny fan moments, this fly-on-the-wall portrait of Man Utd during the 1999/00 season is hardly likely to reverse their status as Britain's most hated (and loved) football club.

Likewise, the boardroom shenanigans - although interesting - provide cold comfort for those who fear for football's soul.

Airbrushed and authorised, rather than a real investigation, there are still enough shots of Becks and co. in intimate moments to keep the fans happy.