Malcolm Review

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Malcolm is a quiet unassuming technological genius who is fired from his job at the tram company for driving his self-made mini-tram around at night. To help pay the bills he brings in lodgers, ex-con Frank and his girlfriend Judith. Pooling their skills the trio turn to a life of crime.


The winner of eight Australian Film Festival awards, this tells the entertaining story of Malcolm (Colin Friels), something of an electronic whiz who is a bit backward (think of Father Dougal with an Australian accent) but, one assumes, harmless enough. Having lost his job at the tram company for making his own mini-tram and riding it around town after-hours, he takes in lodgers ex-con John Hargreaves and his girl Lindy Davis to help pay the bills. Before long the three of them turn to a life of crime, adapting their combined skills to earn themselves a bit of easy money.

Malcolm is engaging, funny and features some of the most fantastically silly stunts.