Lucas Review

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Rites of passage teen romance about a young nerdy boy hoping to gain acceptance at high school by not backing down against the bullies.


A bespectacled Corey Haim is the odd, nerdy Lucas of the title in this overlooked teen flick that marked the debut of a 14 year-old Winona Ryder.

Over the summer, Lucas befriends the new girl in town (The Goonies' Kerri Green), but when school starts she falls for the high school hunk (Charlie Sheen).

Unlike many of the teen movies of the mid-'80s, this bittersweet, funny tale isn't cliche-riddled (the jock isn't an arsehole - although he steals the girl away from Lucas, he still protects the boy from bullies) and features terrific performances from the young cast, especially Haim, who sadly never lived up to the potential he shows here.

An uncliched teen movie that features terrific performances from a young cast.