Love Me Till Monday Review

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Fresh from university and living at home with her mum, 25 year-old graduate Becky (Maguire) works, daydreams and snogs her way through her life in Reading.


There are shades of both The Office and Peep Show in this amiable low-budget Brit flick from TV veteran Justin Hardy. Uni graduate Becky (Georgia Maguire) is living at home with her mum and sleepwalking through a dull job, her weekends slightly enlivened by vague approaches from her co-workers. Is she looking for love in all the wrong places? This scores better at comedy than romance, but the characters are well-observed and funny, from the office bitch to the wedding-mad secretary. Tim Plester is a stand-out as the nerdy boss who manages to plot his way into our heroine’s affections.

A fuzzy, buzzy Brit com about what it's like to be twentysomething.