The Love Punch Review

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Businessman Richard’s (Brosnan) dreams of a comfortable retirement are left in tatters when a French executive cowboys in and shreds his nest egg in a hostile takeover. Not taking it lying down, Richard teams up with his ex-wife Kate (Thompson) and the pa


Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan play a divorced couple in this cheerfully unlikely heist comedy. Robbed of their pension funds, they track down the Frenchman responsible and infiltrate his wedding on the Cote d’Azur, convinced that the most sensible course of action is to rob a $10-million diamond necklace from his bride-to-be. Lurching from one set-piece to another, The Love Punch occasionally amuses and rarely convinces. But the stars and sunny setting mean it’s an acceptable guilty pleasure for the ‘grey pound’ crowd — especially with game pals Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall along for the ride.

The by-the-numbers plotting is a little clunky but there's fun to be had in the cast's easy chemistry.