Love + Hate Review

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Derek (Andrews) is a racist white youth living in a northern town. He notices, and eventually falls in love with Naseema (Anwan), a beautiful Asian girl. There will be consequences.


Few words strike despondency into the cinemagoer’s heart as effectively as ‘UK Film Council’, and the Lottery quango does nothing to improve its shonky image with this torpid love-across-the-racial-divide drama. In an unnamed, appropriately grim Northern town, a racist white kid (Grange Hill’s Thomas Hudson) falls for a pretty Muslim girl (Samina Awan). This makes almost no-one happy.

Director Savage insisted his young (and occasionally mildly promising) cast improvise their dialogue — which sadly shows — while his simplistic attitude to the complex issues is that of the worst kind of cultural tourist — the programmatic plot is more Hollyoaks than Crash. The North should sue.

Patronising bien pensant balderdash.