Do I Love You? Review

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Marina is a young woman in a relationship with Romy. But as the romance begins to fall apart, Marina is forced to reexamine her own life, revisiting old flames in an effort to work out where she's headed.


Billed as "the first UK lesbian feature in 10 years", this ultra low-budget effort stars director Gornick as Marina, who sets out to re-evaluate her own life after her relationship with her girlfriend (Teachers star Cassidy) begins to crumble – revisiting old girlfriends and exploring the possibilities of the opposite sex en route.

Shot in a documentary style, the film makes good use of its London locations and stylish apartment interiors, giving it a look that quite belies its lack of budget. However, while Gornick certainly has an eye for visuals, she's not so charismatic in front of the camera, making for a less than engaging protagonist – while her tendency to focus on a wordy, ponderous narrative voiceover at the expense of character interaction bogs down the action and gives it a self-indulgent feel.

Do I Love You? is an interesting curiosity, but one which ultimately fails to realise its true potential.