Lore Review

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Southern Germany, 1945. With her parents absent and the Third Reich crumbling, Lore (Rosendahl) must lead her four siblings 500km across Germany to the sanctuary of her grandmother's North Sea home.


After launching Abbie Cornish’s career with the sexy Somersault, director Cate Shortland has made the unusual choice of directing a post-World War II drama. In German. Teenage Lore (Saskia Rosendahl) must lead her younger siblings to safety after her Nazi parents bolt. While crossing occupied Germany, Lore gradually begins to learn the truth about the Nazi regime and reluctantly accepts the help of an older Jewish boy. As relationships develop and terrible decisions are faced, it’s both grim and gripping with a great turn from the promising Rosendahl — think a young, German Kelly McGillis.

Shortland's measured pacing and hypnotic visuals make this a mesmerising journey through a defeated landscape.