The Little Polar Bear 2 Review

Image for The Little Polar Bear 2

After little polar bear Lars — star of the first film, the TV series and the children’s books by Dutch author Hans De Beer — becomes an accidental stowaway with his friends, an exciting new world full of turtles, volcanoes and giant sea creatures awaits.


Questioning adult minds may wish to avoid this animated sequel, which sees polar bears, a penguin and a seal transported from the North Pole to the sunny Galapagos islands with no apparent ill-effects.

There’s enough adventure for small kids, and both the digital animation and Hans Zimmer’s score are strong. Parents, however, may be vexed by the ropey English dubbing, which turns lemmings into fake Liverpudlians and penguins into Mexicans (or was that Jamaicans?). An average offering.

Little ones should enjoy this colourful animated adventure, but dodgy dubbing and mundane characters mean they’re likely to be on their own.