Little Big Soldier Review

Image for Little Big Soldier

Set before China's unification by the Qin dynasty, Jackie Chan's titular trooper captures an enemy general in battle and sets off to transport him back to his homeland.


This cross-country Eastern adventure, a long-in-the-pipeline passion project for Jackie Chan, sees the star on his best form for years. Set in 225 BC, a majorly tumultuous time in China, there are spectacular locations, CGI-free acrobatics, witty twists and an angry bear. But there’s also a surprisingly sombre undercurrent, with an anti-war message and hauntingly downbeat ending. It lacks the fizzy energy of Chan’s early chopsockbusters, but long-time fans will delight to see him in a proper film once more.

A whole different kettle of fish from his Hollywood efforts, Chan's Eastern opus is a terrific ride.