Liquid Dreams Review

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A style-heavy futuristic thriller set in a self-contained urban pleasure palace where taxi dancer Candice Daly rises through the ranks to become a star of a new hypnotic art-form called neuro-vid, which seems to be a cross-breed of rock video, brainwashing and sado-masochistic striptease.

While investigating the death of her sister, the heroine mixes with a brutal cop ("if I'd wanted your opinion, I would have scraped it off the sidewalk"), a superpimp with no genitals, various doomed but glamorous women and a clutch of sneering secondary slirne.

Director Mark Manos does a quite impressive job in creating a nightmarish world and the performances (including a cameo from Paul Bartel as a pervert) are all fine, but the plot has a certain obviousness to it and some of the atmospheric sequences are so slowly paced as to induce actual dreams in many viewers.