Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return Review

Image for Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return

Back in Oz, Dorothy (Michele) and her pals, Scarecrow (Aykroyd), the Tin Man (Grammer) and the brave Lion (Belushi), discover a land threatened by The Jester, an evil sprite hellbent on avenging a certain witch.


Dorothy is whisked back to Oz in this chirpy animation based on the books by Roger S. Baum, great-grandson of the original author. The contemporary setting and younger-looking Dorothy (Lea Michele) may jar with fans of The Wizard Of Oz, but kids should enjoy the songs and cheerful characters, including Dan Aykroyd’s Scarecrow, Kelsey Grammer’s Tin Man and Patrick Stewart’s Tugg the Treeboat. The plot’s nothing special but the animation is strong, especially the scenes with the delicate China Princess. One for kids rather than Oz purists.

Kid-friendly with some neat visuals. Adults will appreciate the dulcet tones of Frasier as the Tin Man.