The Legend Of Hercules Review

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Ancient gym bunny Hercules (Lutz) has to shake off the bonds of slavery to fulfill his true destiny: the throne of King Amphitryon.


The lore of Hercules has spanned centuries, yet it’s unlikely to ever see a more generic treatment on film than that of Renny Harlin’s overblown origin story, in which our hero (the bland Kellan Lutz) must escape from slavery in order to save the fair princess of Crete from marrying his brother, and claim his right to the throne of King Amphitryon (a hammy Scott Adkins). As is the way post-300, there is no shortage of armour-clad armies, amber hues and abs, and while the action is plentiful, it’s often defined by speed ramping rather than exciting bloodshed. Watch this, and you’ll struggle to remember it come the next harvest moon.

The action comes thick and fast but the storyline is generic and Lutz makes a particularly dull hero. An Erymanthian bore.