Last Train From Gun Hill Review

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Kirk Douglas is the outraged husband out for revenge after the rape and murder of his Indian wife and Anthony Quinn is the big wheel old friend who's also the father of the culprit.


Kirk Douglas is not just a little bit annoyed in this dark psychological western. He is monumentally pissed off. And who wouldn't be after their best mate's sprog brutally violates and murders your missus.

A tense and good-looking brainy Western in the "time factor" tradition first established by High Noon, this is a good, but not strikingly exceptional tale of passion and horror in old America. But there are some agreeably gruesome characters who you wouldn't want to meet down a dark valley.

"Ain't there anyone in this town that ain't afraid of Craig Beldon?" says our hero at one point. "Yeah," says a helpful citizen, "the graveyard's full of 'em."

With some gorgeous photography and and at times gripping, an above-average seedling of the Western tree.