Lambada Review

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Kevin Laird, an unassuming Bevery Hills maths teacher (the wonderfully unassumingly-named Eddie Peck) dons an alter-ego by night of dance guru-cum-moral crusader, mentoring LA's youths in the way of hip-swinging and philanthropy.


Most dance movies, of course, have wonderfully silly plots and Lambada is certainly no exception to the rule. By day, the mandatory heartthrob Kev (Peck) is a quiet, unassuming maths teacher in a Beverly Hills high school; as night falls, however, he's suddenly all denim and leathers, roaring off on his Harley to lambada the night away with the under­privileged kids of East LA at the No-Man's Land nightclub. Then, when the dancing's over, Kev retires to a backroom to teach them all maths with a view to college and — hey! — a better future out there.

This hilarious nonsense, complete with much flashing of buttocks and cleavages to the dozen, does, however, have the obligatory message. The Beverly Hills crowd realise that well, perhaps they are a "little spoilt" driving to school in their Porsches and everyone learns the importance of those twin virtues of education and tolerance. One suspects, however, that this upbeat guff may end up being lost on the target teen audience who are perhaps more likely to join Peck's pupils as they drool endlessly over his "nice buns."

Irrepressibly silly but with a naïve optimism it feels cruel walking out on.