Knights Review

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Based in the surprisingly medieval-like future, a cyborg has gone out of control and is getting his kicks by going on a killing spree. It is left to Kris Kristofferson who recruits a surfer chick, who conveniently wears very short shorts, to face the cyborg the world!


Another science fiction action quickie from the apparently inexhaustible Albert Pyun (Brain Smasher, Ticker), set in a red-filtered Monument Valley passing itself off as a quasi-medieval future where vampire cyborg Lance Henriksen ravages the land. The sex factor comes from Kathy Long, a surfer chick in tight red shorts, who apprentices with grizzled good guy robot Kris Kristofferson, learning how to jump up in the air and kick cyborg heads in. Dialogue is of the level of "You are destined for great things. Within your heart all dreams are possible." Not as much fun as it sounds.

Nope, as you may have guessed this is not a good film. With Kristofferson doing 'rugged' as he always seems to, Long is sexy and relatively sassy while Henriksen is another cyborg. But the plot is too ludicrous and just not entertaining with much too little action.