Klown Review

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Aiming to prove his suitability for fatherhood to his dubious girlfriend, Frank (Hvam) abducts his 12 year-old nephew and takes him on a crazed canoeing trip.


Snapped up by Danny McBride for a US remake, this PC-baiting wrong-com’s been hailed the Danish Hangover. In truth, its wimp-and-lothario double-act feels more like a Nordic Sideways on Viagra. Eager to prove his paternal credentials to his pregnant girlfriend, Frank Hvam kidnaps her 12 year-old nephew for a canoe trip. Problem: Casper Christensen’s womaniser, who sabotages the bond with his “Tour De Pussy”. Shattering taboos with a mercilessly straight face, it’s the stuff of mortified laughter that somehow, for all its cringe and shock, remains weirdly good-natured.

A gleefully rude Danish wronging-of-age comedy.