King Of Beggars Review

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A spoilt millionaire's son finds the love of his life, but she rejects him until he can prove himself as a kung-fu master.


A noble ancestor to Stephen Chow's blockbusting Kung Fu hustle dating from an almost CGI-free 1992, this relies on rather antiquated but inventively realised effects. Chow, giving a generally subdued performance, plays the legendary Chan So in this period riches-to-rags tale which never quite reaches the coruscating heights of Fight Back To School (from the same team), yet features beautifully staged set-pieces - particularly the sequence in which Chow takes on multiple combatants in his sleep. It may not be martial-arts movie royalty, but King Of Beggars deserves a place in any Kung-Fu Hustler's collection.

Lighter on the comedy and heavier on the martial arts, this elaborate tale is still worthy of a second look.