My Kidnapper Review

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In 2003 British backpacker Mark Henderson was abducted in Colombia. A year after his release he received an email from one of his kidnappers. The two plan a strange reunion.


Interspersing expedition footage with archive material, a compelling story is told in this personal documentary, as Mark Henderson is prompted by emails from Colombian freedom-fighters to return with fellow hostages Reinhilt Weigel, Erez Eltawil and Ido Guy to the scene of their 2003 kidnapping by guerillas. Yet, too many questions are left unanswered about the motives of the captors and the uneasy relationship formed between Henderson and Weigel and their truculent Israeli friends for viewers to gain more than a tenuous grasp on the terrifying nature of the ordeal, and the lasting legacy of psychological scars that are so deep not even this audacious enterprise can bring about closure.

Although it's frustratingly thin on background to the kidnapping and the motivation of the kidnappers, it's remains a compelling - and unusual - story.