Kid Galahad Review

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Walter Guilick (Presley) is a nice, decent guy who dreams of owning his own garage. As a means to that end, he enters the world of boxing, and turns out to be pretty good - and wholly too honest for the sport.


Elvis Presleys tenth film - in which a nice, honourable lug is lured into prize-fighting but dreams of owning a garage - is mid-period Elvis (after his stint in the army, before his bloated, flared-suited Vegas days). In other words, not quite the sugary schlock of his later films, but without the fire and animal magnetism he had in King Creole or Flaming Star.

It's a weak remake (of a Michael Curtiz boxing drama), saddling The King with instantly forgettable songs and lacklustre romantic interest Joan Blackman. Compensations are Gig Young as Presley's glib, desperate manager and Charles Bronson as his honest trainer.

Really for Elvis completists only.