The Keeper Of Lost Causes Review

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Damned to investigate the long dormant cases no-one else wants, policeman Carl Mørck (Kass) and his deputy (Fares). But one - the suicide of a politician's wife - may not be quite as cold as the rest.


Maverick, trouble detective — like there’s any other kind — Carl Mørck (Nikolaj Lie Kass) is banished to the basement with assistant Assad (Fares Fares) to shuffle cold-case files. Spluttering superiors be damned, the dogged (and humorously mismatched) duo are soon sleuthing out the baffling disappearance of a rising political star (Sonja Richter), uncovering fiendish goings on. The first Jussi Adler-Olsen Department Q bestseller filmed was Denmark’s biggest domestic smash last year and hits the bull’s eye for Nordic Noir lovers. Familiar it is, Dragon Tattoo it’s not, but slick in a good TV pilot way, and nastily gripping.

Odd-couple chemistry and a dark underbelly keep this Danish noir adaptation compelling.