Juice Review

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Four teenagers Harlem hold up a convenience store, during which the owner gets shot and killed. Arguing about it afterwards, Bishop accidentally shoots Raheem, while the other two look on. The three remaining friends find themselves trapped in a murderous circle and are not sure whether they're going to get out alive.


This ghetto gangster movie is typical of a type of first film that has become common in the last ten years, with a young black directo (Dickerson is best known as Spike Lee's cinematographer), a predominately young black cast (including a couple of rap stars) and a plot featuring violent crime, plentiful rap music, and angry social commentary. Four schoolfriends get involved in a robbery that goes wrong, and the would-be disc jockey hero has to face up to his gun-toting ex-best friend. See also: Straight Out Of Brooklyn, New Jack City, Menace II Society, Hangin' With The Homeboys, Boyz N The Hood, South Central.

An interesting film, but it has been done before, many times.