Joe’s Apartment Review

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A small town boy moves to New York and rents the cheapest apartment he can find. His horror at discovering the place s already inhabited by thousands of cockroaches with personality soons changes as they start to enhance his life...


Early on in this spin-off from an MTV short, a leading character introduces himself as Walter Shit. That tells you all you need to know about the type of humour you’ll be bunking with for the next 80 minutes — scatological, profane, and about as funny as a cockroach doing a musical number in a toilet bowl (an image to which you’ll be treated later in the movie).

The premise sees an out-of-town slob — played, in an example of stunning miscasting, by the preppy and fresh Jerry O’Connell — befriend an intrusion of talking ’roaches who live in his new home, joining forces with them to defeat a sleazy politician. The net effect of O’Connell and love interest Megan Ward’s soul-sucking blandness, plus the incessant chirpings of bad-attitude ‘comedy’ bugs, is that of a gnarly LSD trip. Fortunately, unlike an LSD trip, you have the option to press eject.

Very puerile humour and a pretty lame storyline.