Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius Review

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Jimmy Neutron is a child inventor whose communication device causes evil aliens to abduct all the parents in town. The local children (nerds, cheerleaders, jocks, etc.) must unite under Jimmy's command and soar into space to save them.


It may not be Monsters, Inc., but this animated, Oscar-nominated comedy still manages to bridge the gap between kids' and adults' viewing to pleasing effect.

Well-observed characters - from kind-hearted parents to cartoon-obsessed kids - form the basis of the humour, and a high joke frequency holds the attention where the plot fails to do so. Strong animation and nifty visual ideas also compensate for the rather basic set-up (the story and screenplay are co-written by Ace Ventura 2 director, Steve Oedekerk, which quite frankly, speaks volumes), while the children's conversion of fairground rides into space ships is particularly enjoyable. Fun.

A good back-up plan for a rainy afternoon with kids, or for anyone who digs on a bit of childish fun of their own accord.