Jericho Fever Review

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After a fatal new virus is released in Mexico, it threatens to infect America, so a doctor and an FBI agent team up to first find the terrorists that launched the disease then find the cure and save the casualties. However the soon find they are not the only people looking for the terrorists and it quickly becomes a race against time.


When a terrorist cell sneaks into the USA from Central America, one of their number imports a "totally new strain of fever". An FBI man (Branscombe Richmond) and a gun-toter from Mossad are after the terrorists, but it soon emerges that they are nor the only ones and they have to find them and the cure before the terrorists meet a sticky end. Meanwhile Dr. Stephanie Zimbalist works overtime to come up with a cure for the plague whilst looking beautifully harassed. A "medical emergency" TV movie with soap suds between the jargon.

Trying hard to muster some excitement, this film barely deserves one star, but if you really have nothing better to do…actually, no, still don't watch this. The plot has been done before and much better. It tries to be realistic which proves to be not su