Jeepers Creepers 2 Review

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The Creeper has just over a day before he disappears for another 23 years, and he's still hungry. On a deserted highway, a bus-load of stranded high school kids are about to discover that some of them are the final course on his menu.


The intensity of the original Jeepers Creepers' horrifying first act ensured the film's success and also managed to buoy the remainder of the movie once the killer was unveiled as the bastard offspring of Beelzebub and Rod Hull's Emu.

This follow-up, though, is devoid of any originality. The story veers even further towards Predator territory, with inspiration from Jaws and Jurassic Park also evident. However, the main complaint is that none of the characters really deserve their moment in the spotlight, and so we feel nonchalant as each victim becomes take-out.

Dire performances from the overacting cast (witness the multitude of pained facial expressions), and lines such as, "I think it's gone - I'm willing to bet money on it," kill off any element of trepidation. There's a real possibility that you'll wet your pants watching this, but it sure as hell won't be the result of being terrified.

Lazy nonsense, which includes an inexplicably clairvoyant cheerleader and a home-made harpoon gun. The Creeper won't be joining horror's Hall Of Fame.