Jar City Review

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A worn-down cop works to piece together the recent murder of a little girl to a similar case from over 30 years ago.


Think ‘Iceland’ and the last thing that springs to mind is its film industry - this chilling murder mystery could change that. World-weary Inspector Erlendur (Sigurðsson) investigates a grim homicide that may be linked to a girl’s death 30 years earlier and gets so wrapped up in the case that he starts to neglect his junkie daughter. Meanwhile, a bereaved father searches for answers after his five year-old girl dies from a rare brain disease. The convoluted plot trips along at an engaging pace with a good dose of visceral imagery. The Iceland of Jar City is bleak, but a smart, sharp script, shot through with ink-black humour, pierces the gloom.

A chilling murder mystery which should do wonders for Iceland's film industry.