The Informers Review

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An intwining array of characters (an ageing newsreader, a big-shot Hollywood player, a drug-addled rocker, a dissolute doorman) live fast in '80s LA.


With The Rules Of Attraction, Roger Avary proved it was possible to make an emotionally involving yet suitably acidic adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ stories of spoilt, amoral youth. With The Informers, Gregor Jordan proves just how hard that is. The director behind the brilliant Buffalo Soldiers comes a cropper with a multi-stranded ’80s LA story as languid and empty as the characters it depicts.

The late Brad Renfro is superb as a broken-down doorman caught up in kidnap, but his subplot suffocates under the other obvious morality tales. Apparently promiscuity, drugs and money can be dangerous and AIDS kills. Who’d have thought?

With heavy-handed moralising and vacuous characters, this is Ellis' acerbic satire with its venom drawn.