An Impudent Girl Review

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Charlotte is 13-years-old and beginning her summer holiday, when she meets a pretty piano prodigy the same age as her, all her previous games and friends seem childish.


The 13-year-old Charlotte is at the beginning of her summer holiday and riding the hormonal rollercoaster known as adolescence. Moody, cranky and snappy with her young friend Lulu, she is bored and disinterested in everything in her quiet village life until she meets a muscial prodigy of the same age, Clara, who is, of course, everything she isn't. An uncomfortably accurate portrayal of teenage angst with a suberb central perfomace by Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Serge of Je T'aime fame and Jane Birkin) as the gangly, bruised Charlotte, this deservedly won a bag of Cesars for its young star.

An enchanting view of the uncertainties of adolescence, sensitively directed, but it is Gainsbourg’s mature performance that steals the show.