Illegally Yours Review

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Richard Dice (Lowe) is called up for jury duty but discovers the defendant, a beautiful woman (Gilbert) accused of murder and blackmail, is none other than the woman he has been in love with from afar (stalking, essentially). He tries to win her over whilst wooing the other jurors into a Not Guilty verdict. But is she?


Peter Bogdanovich gets back to his favourite pastime of taking affectionate pokes around Hollywood’s tied and tested conventions: in this case, the screwball rom-com. Colleen Camp fulfils the Katharine Hepburn role, whilst Rob Lowe does his best to fill the sizeable boots of Gary Grant, but Illegally Yours never lives up to its promise, falling way short of the comic standards of old and never threatening to subvert the genre. It’s sprightly enough, with twists aplenty, but from the man who brought us The Last Picture Show and What’s Up Doc, we were expecting a much wilder animal than this tame paw at the screwball comedy.

Screwy, but not always in a likeable way, Bogdanovich bit off more than he could chew here.