Hot Shots! Review

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Topper Harley (Sheen) is a brilliant jet pilot is asked back into the forces for a special mission that requires him to lead a team to raid a nuclear plant. But the narrative often gives way at the expense of joke, often leaving the film being more of a sketch show.


Applying the Naked Gun spoof treatment to Top Gun, this has Charlie Sheen as a traumatised but brilliant pilot, with Lloyd Bridges filling in for Leslie Nielsen in the now-familiar straight-faced bumbling idiot role. Given that this is the first whacky comedy to come out of the Gulf War it’s a shame the whole enterprise isn’t a lot more tasteless, but the half-funny goings-on give that the script has been tailored not to offend a military machine on the point of massive war, perhaps at the expense of unpatriotic laughs. That said, it’s a pleasant enough time-waster, and doesn’t drag on too long.

If you're a fan of the Naked Gun series, then this is for you. With cheap jokes at the expense of many a great movie and so much slapstick humour that the film could be silent and still quietly amuse. While not very demanding the actors perform well and Sheen proves to be very adept at playing the handsome but dim Topper.