The Horseman Review

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A grieving father (Peter Marshall), whose estranged daughter has killed herself after appearing in a low-rent grimy porn flick, sets out to get bloody revenge on the people responsible.


Gritty Australian revenge thriller, strangely reminiscent of Shane Meadows’ Dead Man’s Shoes.

There are some strangely tender moments here, mainly from our protagonist’s unlikely relationship with a screwed-up hitchhiker (Caroline Marohasy), but it’s the unpleasant violence which sticks mainly in the mind as the more sensitive body parts of the bad guys are put through their paces. It’s well-acted, with Marshall giving an especially effective performance as the apparently guilt-ridden father out for justice, but unless you’re a fan of the whole ‘torture porn’ genre, you’d be hard-pressed to actually enjoy it.

Decent performances but the violence can be on the gratuitous side.