The Horror Of Frankenstein Review

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Yet another version of the classic Frankenstein saga this time written as a black comedy. A slowly crazed scientist creates a superhuman made up of cadavers, who once alive questions the meaning of life before killing his master. It was the last in the successful Hammer series.


Jimmy Sangster, screenwriter of most of the classic 50s Hammer horrors, turned director for this comedy remake of the 1957 Curse Of Frankenstein, the first of the series.

Ralph Bates is a self-satisfied scientist, rather smug and inadequate compared with Peter Gushing, and Prowse plays a bald, inexpressive monster. Notably cheaper and less imaginative than the studio's best, this throws in a lot of would-be sick jokes that don't quite work (sample: a severed hand is revived and gives the Baron a V sign) but has an understated and almost moving punchline.

Poor attempt by Hammer to create their version of Frankenstein, featuring the usually reliable Bates offering a rather irritating performance as the scientist who goes beyond the call of science. Meanwhile before the call of Darth Vader Prowse begins to practice his heavy breathing and ominous walk.