Honey We Shrunk Ourselves Review

Image for Honey We Shrunk Ourselves

A tiny glitch causes Wayne, his brother, and their wives to shrink big time! Soon they must brave household insects the size of dinosaurs, a treacherous loop the loop track in a toy car, dizzying "balloon" rides inside soap bubbles, and more!


What have they shrunk this time? It's a straight-to-video return for crackpot inventor Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis with a strangely different looking family) and this time round he's managed to shrink himself, his brother and their wives. Following the very same formula, yet again they are really running out of ideas with this franchise.

It could happen to anyone. What follows is a trip through their house that includes an impressive Hot Wheels ride and a rather unpleasant giant cockroach. Some of the effects are a bit ropey, but it keeps the energy up and the kids should still enjoy it. If you've seen any of it's prequels though, it should probably be avoided.

A basic re-tread of familiar ground.