Haunted Mansion Review

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A Slick estate agent drags his family to view a dilapidated mansion and has run-ins with the undead, a bodyless soothsayer, and bad Sixth Sense jokes.


This latest Disney theme park adaptation doesn't deliver a sliver of the fun and thrall the ride serves up in a fraction of the time. Admirably, the plot attempts to weave the calling cards of the ride into something like a rounded story.

Hamstrung by hoary exposition and ho-hum effects, director Minkoff strives for a supernatural sense of wonder, yet generates neither a rich, Gothic atmosphere nor the cheap ghost train thrills the premise demands. It almost defies belief that this came from the same seeds as Pirates Of The Caribbean, but at least Terence Stamp has fun.

Stamp has fun as a cadaverous butler and there are some nice touches but that Murphy is relegated to little more than a bland straight man is perhaps another nail in his career coffin.