Harry and the Hendersons Review

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The Henderson family (lead by patriarch Lithgow), on returning from a hunting outing, run over what they at first think is a man. On closer inspection, it turns out to be a 7ft 'Bigfoot.' They house the beast, which turns out to be friendly, and try to hide his presence from the authorites.


The Hendersons, a wholesome, all-hunting, all-American family, are subject to the clumsy friendship of one 8ft mythical beast in this tame, and often lame, family farce. John Lithgow does his best to ratchet up the levels of neuroses, but finds it difficult in the shadow of the supposed showstopper, a tall man in a distinctly uninspired Bigfoot outfit - the loping stride is okay, surely lampooning the famous fake footage that exists on video, but the face, all clumsy animatronics, is a little sickening in it's grope for anthropomorphism. David Suchet piles on the ham as the unneccessarily exotic Bigfoot tracker, but there is, like evidence of the 'real' thing, little to go on here.

At times mildly amusing, at times abominable, Dear's use of source material is sit-com level at best.