Happy Endings Review

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When she was younger, abortion clinic counselor Mamie (Lisa Kudrow) had a child by her gay step-brother Charley (Steve Coogan), which they put up for adoption. Nicky (Jesse Bradford), a slimy filmmaker knows this secret, and blackmails Mamie into a reunion so that he can film the result.


Re-teaming Friends’ Lisa Kudrow with The Opposite Of Sex director Don Roos, this hit-and-miss bittersweet comedy starts with a bang but gradually fades into inconsequence. Loosely woven around the story of a middle-aged woman named Mamie (Kudrow) who finds out she has a son, Roos’ Magnolia-style patchwork threads in a teenage gold-digger (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a paranoid gay man (Steve Coogan) and a gigolo/masseur (Bobby Cannavale) whose lives are
all impacted by an Amores Perros-style car crash.

Performances are mostly excellent, but the storyline buckles under the weight of so many characters.