Hanover Street Review

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American pilot meets English nurse. They fall in love. But she is married. She don't tell him. He go France with British agent. But he her husband.


Hot on the heels of his success in Star Wars, Harrison Ford starred in this wartime drama as a brash American bomber pilot who falls for English rose Lesley Anne Down. She’s married, but after gazing into Ford’s eyes over a few cups of tea she forgets any qualms about cheating her stuffy husband (Plummer), and throws herself headlong into the affair.

But the course of love never runs smoothly, and Ford leaves to go on a secret mission, ironically (and unbeknown to him) with his lover’s hubby. It’s all a bit dated, but probably would have worked in the forties, the only difference being that this has a couple of love scenes and some four letter words.

One of those curious Anglo-American good relationship type films that we thought didn't exist any more. Not bad, but about fifty years too late