The Gunrunner Review

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1926. The Chinese Civil War. Drifter Ted Beaubien is captured and forced to witness his girlfriend's execution. He finally escapes and vows to avenge her death by taking on a deadly mission to buy guns abroad and smuggle them back


A Canadian gangster yarn that was shelved almost immediately after its initial release, then shamelessly resurrected on video as soon as Costner became the hottest thing in Hollywood. Kevin plays a young gunrunner (hence the name) trying to help the Chinese rebellion in the 1920s, then returning home to Canada to switch from guns to booze-smuggling with his brother. Costner's boyish good looks, later to put him on Hollywood's A-list, here work badly against him, failing to come anywhere close to convincing as the bad guy turned good. Compulsive proof of the all-have-to-start-somewhere argument

This average B-movie drama is only for true Costner fans.