Grand Piano Review

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Classical pianist Tom Selznick (Wood) is under instructions to play a flawless concert. One missed note or error in tempo and an unseen assassin (Cusack) will kill him.


The sort of flamboyant, high-concept, destined-for-minor-cultdom thriller Brian De Palma might have cranked out around the time of Snake Eyes, this sees Elijah Wood sitting down in front of a piano and learning that if he plays a note wrong, a sniper will put a bullet in his head. A daft premise, yes, but the cast sell it (Bill & Ted’s Alex Winter is a highlight as a lackadaisical minion) and Spanish director Eugenio Mira (The Birthday) has a witty way with visuals. Watch out for a violin-based match cut that would make Hitchcock shiver with delight.

Some inspired grace notes elevate a thriller that's more De Palma than Hitchcock.