Grace Of My Heart Review

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Riveting tale about an aspiring singer, Edna Buxton (Denise Waverly) wonderfully played by Illeana Douglas, who sacrifices her own singing career to write hit songs that launch the careers of other singers.


Allison Anders' gloriously lyrical tale of two decades in the life of fictional singer-songwriter Denise Waverley (lleanna Douglas) works better than most actual biopics.

Douglas delivers a tour de force as the rich girl signed by Spector-esque producer John Turturro for her lyric-scribbling abilities, all the while running the full gamut of haircuts and husbands (Eric Stoltz as a beatnik love cheat. Matt Dillon as an unbalanced Beach Boys-type frontman), triumphs and tragedies.

With excellent performances all round (especially from Turturro) it's a real pleasure to watch and has a real emotional edge when tragedy strikes.

Fun, smart and emotional.