No Good Deed Review

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Deranged escaped con Colin (Elba) holes up in the suburban home of ex-D.A.-turned-fulltime-mum Terri (Henson). Can her experience help her survive the night?


Unstable jailbird (Idris Elba) sent down for manslaughter is denied parole and promptly escapes, tormenting and killing his girlfriend before ending up at the home of a devoted but frustrated stay-at-home mom (Taraji P. Henson). Elba gives good psycho smoulder and Henson occasionally gets to flex her acting muscles and break out of the damsel-in-distress clichés when she’s fighting back against this conflicted home invader, yet neither can overcome the script’s limitations. The same goes for director Sam Miller, who aims to cook up some Hitchcockian suspense, but is saddled with mundane menace.

Elba's reunites with Luther director Sam Miller to lesser effect in a workaday home-invasion thriller.