Girls! Girls! Girls! Review

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Ross loves being a seaman, but his boss is off to retire in Arizona, and this is his last chance to buy back the Westwind, a boat he made with his dad. Behold the answer: Nightclub singing!


Elvis is a humble tuna fisherman in picturesque, colourful Hawaii, and he has to sing to make ends meet and sort out his problems.

His main problem is getting off with prim, demure, down-to-earth Laurel Goodwin and avoiding the temptation of wild, sexy, uninhibited torch singer Stella Stevens.

Along the way, he gets into a fight with bullies, pals around with a cute oriental kid, and sings one terrific, classic number (Return To Sender) while swiveling his hips, but is forced to do nearly a dozen forgettable pieces of fluff (Song Of The Shrimp, Dainty Little Moonbeams) along the way.

Unsurprisingly interchangeable with so many of Elvis's post-military service movies, this one offers nothing that we haven't seen before, pretty much in the order in which we've already seen it.