The Girl In The Park Review

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Traumatised by the disappearance of her daughter 15 years ago, Julia (Sigourney Weaver) meets a streetwise young woman who seems strangely familiar. Could this be the missing girl?


The Plot (woman becomes obsessed with mystery girl years after the disappearance of her daughter blighted her life) has echoes of Martin Guerre-type mysteries and Vertigo. Is she or isn’t she the daughter? And if not, well, she can be made to be. But playwright David Auburn’s adaptation of his own drama is less interested in the thriller potential than the psychology of devastating loss. Sigourney Weaver emotes like crazy and Kate Bosworth injects humour and vulnerability into her streetwise hustler. But there is an artificiality that makes this more odd and melodramatic than the painful complexities it strives for.

An overwrought melodrama with bold intentions but poor execution