Ginger And Fred Review

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An ageing tribute act to the dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are reunited on an Italian TV variety show.


Made in the autumn of his career, Federico Fellini’s hymn to past love and dying values remains funny, beguiling, lovely stuff. Marcello Mastroianni and (Mrs. Fellini) Giulietta Masina play an ageing Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers tribute act, reunited to dance for just one more time on a popular variety TV show. A barbed indictment of the crass commercialism of Italian TV, the sharpness is tempered by oodles of nostalgia for better times, an affection for a lost era of showbusiness and warm, delicate underplaying by the leads.

Lovliness wins the day, and Fellini's unabashed sentimentality for the days before the idiot box is infectious.